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Consulting Work

SWC is engaged for a lot of consulting work that isn't listed here. Our core capabilities and approach to most projects involves the following process:

Market Access iOS App

SWC was engaged to develop a managed market access application. The goal of the build was to provide a pharma's sales force with information about prescriber habits within a certain geography, plan type, and indication to better understand barriers to access for a newly launched drug, and improve patient access to the drug.

Net Pricing Calculator

SWC was engaged to develop a financial aid solution for students trying to understand the true cost of college. This tool assesses a student's Expected Family Contribution (EFC) through an interactive survey and computes federal and institutional aid available for the student. It also provides recommendations on whether or not the school is a good financial choice based on debt load. The solution provides financial aid offices an ability to engage students earlier in the process, ultimately allowing students and families to make better decisions about a college investment.

Compliance Analytics Engine

SWC was engaged to develop an analytical engine capable of ingesting monitoring results from various monitoring and auditing activities (e.g. field force activities like sales rep ride-alongs, advisory boards, clinical trials disclosure activities, etc.) and producing reports for consumption by compliance professionals.

Sales Opportunity Identification

SWC was engaged to develop an application to help a large environmental waste company identify market trends in waste production in the United States, market share by territory, and waste cleanup opportunities by waste generators.

Student Yield and Enrollment

SWC was engaged to develop an application to help several college admissions offices determine student scholarship and propensity to yield based on client-defined scholarship and yield factors as well as statistical models. This solution is used as a diary of activity for admission offices and assists with enrollment strategy and planning for incoming classes. The solution highlights include customizable metrics, test score distributions among several subpools of students, as well as real-time monetary exposure to de-risk issuance of scholarships and likelihood of student enrollment to meet revenue targets.

Earned Value Management of Government Contracts

SWC was engaged to develop an application to better track activities associated with contracting and budgeting for large government contracts. Guided user experience to setting up new contracts, refreshing schedules, and mapping WBS elements to dynamically uploaded schedules and budgets to monitor earned value for projects and contracts.

Clinical Trial Facility Locator

SWC was engaged to produce a heat map of clinical trial activity for a pharma company tracking active and recruiting facilities worldwide across several different therapeutic areas.

KOL Identification

SWC was engaged to produce a list of possible Key Opinion Leaders for a large pharma company based on publications data, symposium speakers and abstracts, research-related activities, as well as CMS open payments data.

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