Kennedy & Company

K&C is a long-term client and partner. We were engaged to develop a Net Price Calculator for students trying to understand the true cost of college. This calculator assesses a Student Aid Index (SAI) through an interactive survey and computes federal and institutional aid available for the student. It also provides recommendations on whether or not the school is a good financial choice based on debt load. The solution provides financial aid offices with the ability to engage students earlier in the process, ultimately allowing students and families to make better decisions about a college investment.

We were also engaged to develop an application to help several college admissions offices determine student scholarship and propensity to yield based on client-defined scholarship and yield factors as well as statistical models. This solution is used as a diary of activity for admission offices, and assists with enrollment strategy and planning for incoming classes. The solution highlights include customizable metrics, test score distributions among several subpools of students, as well as real-time monetary exposure to de-risk issuance of scholarships and likelihood of student enrollment to meet revenue targets.

The tools we used to build these applications include Ruby on Rails & Vue.js.