Our Mission

We partner with clients as their embedded technology and product development arm. We create custom applications, dashboards, analytical models, and cloud-based solutions (web, mobile, and native).

Our Approach

Our goals are unique - we partner with just a few clients to modernize a process or tool as part of their everyday business goals. As part of that relationship, we support our clients completely through growth as their business and tech matures. SWC occasionally co-opts with clients to share downstream revenue generated by our product development efforts. We are open to many types of arrangements, but limit the number of clients in each industry. Reach out

Our Team

We consist of a few cross-functional software engineers and technical consultants. We specialize in analytically-focused application development, including machine learning methods.

Our Tech

Our tech stack is diverse. Our favorite tools are Ruby on Rails, Python, React, Vue, Postgres (SQL), Node, Electron, Vanilla JS, Docker, AWS, Git, Elasticsearch and Webpacker.

Our In-House Products

Staff Mapper is designed to help you find blind spots in your professional services firm and convert free time into billable hours by tracking staff availability, feedback, and skillsets.

Work Dive provides the nuts and bolts of time capture so you can bootstrap your business from the get-go, especially if you or others on your team charge by the hour. WorkDive offers multiple ways for your colleagues to enter their time. Tracking the pulse of your business has never been easier.

Trial Tap is a proprietary clinical trials database that bolts onto the clinicaltrials.gov database in real-time. We link other databases (CMS Open Payments, Pubmed, FDA Adverse Events) to this data set to provide cross-platform insights to our various clients.

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